who we are

 Thanks to my father Achille’s passion for dogs, I have grown up amongst them and we have been breeding at “Poggio Petroio” for many years.
Throughout 30 years of breeding we have produced many champions.
After getting married and having three children, I abandoned dog’s shows and the canine world for a few years. However I have always had standard wire-haired dachshunds in my flat in Florence.
Dachshunds are small size dogs with a strong and fearless character but are very affectionate. They are able to enjoy the comforts of a flat but, when taken into the country or into the woods, are happy to find the joy of running and hunting any animal that they come across .
My first female, Grappajulia del Lago Prile, arrived in our house in 1992.
In 2003, after Giulia’s death, I took ownership of “Caffè” (Nicolas della val Vezzeno) and thanks to him, I began to attend the shows in Italy and abroad again achieving great successes. It is with him that I felt once again the desire to breed and select dachshunds of the best blood lines both italian and foreigners alike. I kept his son, Bambù di Poggio Petroio, who has already given me a lot of affection and lots of satisfaction both in competitions and shows, becoming a champion multiple times at a young age.
Thanks to my friend Andrea Logli who helped me train them.
This is how my passion was revived, living with these dogs for 20 years, going on holidays with them, going to shows with them and travelling with them……to the extent that I decided to breed dachshunds with my new  kennel name “Castelpetroio”.
My dogs are bread and live at my home with my husband, my children and I.